At SLAY, we're on a mission to change the way people think about consumer social. We believe that the online world should be a place where people can connect with each other in meaningful, playful and authentic ways, and we're building a network that is focused on creating a positive and fun experience for all users. We've reached 250,000+ teens so far with SLAY, helping them thinking positively about themselves, getting closer to their friends, and generally spreading more love as well as receive it.

We believe that the most successful teams are those that are made up of individuals who care about the details, every user, and, most importantly, having fun creating. It’s time to reinvent social. Welcome to the world of social gaming.

Open Positions

We are obsessed with people who have created things in their past. Individuality and the love of bold decisions drives us. We are interested in the person and the things you have built. Feel free to send us what you've been working on in the past and why you think you're a fit for SLAY. We deeply care about it.

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The SLAY magic at work

Listen to the kids

At SLAY, we are deeply committed to listening to our users because we believe that teenagers are the ones shaping the future. We recognize that their needs, wants, and preferences are constantly evolving, and we want to make sure that we are meeting those needs as best we can. We believe that by being user-first, we can create a network that is positive, fun, and truly meaningful for teenagers. We are constantly seeking out ways to improve and enhance the experience of our users, and we are always open to hearing their feedback and suggestions.

Run thousand tests and move fast

We prioritize an iterative work process that emphasizes speed and ownership. This means that we encourage you to take charge of your ideas and move quickly to bring them to fruition. We believe that this approach is crucial because it allows us to stay ahead and create tomorrow’s internet culture.